Scrivener: Who Wants FREE Cheat Sheets?

  If you are just starting out in Scrivener you may find yourself forgetting some of the technical terms for things and where they are, and then you end up with post-it notes all over the place. For instance the editor in Scrivener it\'s not the kind person who fixes your manuscript once you finish writing. The editor is the bit where you do all your writing and view your documents (See video). Even if you\'ve been using Scrivener for a while you can never remember how to do those things that you only need to do once or twice ever -- like resetting your spelling from US English to UK English for that one agent. Or getting the pilcrow symbol to show up on the page so that you know how many carriage returns you have between the top of your page and your text. For instance, where I want to line my dedication up perfectly with the copyright page of my paperback novel. And if you are anything like me you drive yourself crazy because you imagine everyone else can magically remember these things. But I assure you, I have taught enough people to know that mostly they can’t. And it is such an energy suck if you try to work that way So here are some cheat sheets I made for my writing gang to help jog their memories. I hope they will help you too. There’s a picture of the screen with arrows pointing out where the main tools are and what the areas of the interface are called and what happens inside them. Here\'s the link Don’t worry, I have made one set for Mac users and another for Windows users, so you won’t have to wonder what that would look like in your version of Scrivener. Then there’s a section on Customizing and Navigation via the Main Menu and another reminding you of the most important keyboard shortcuts if that is the way you like to work. Of course, a lot of these instructions and keyboard shortcuts are different in Windows than they are on a Mac, so be sure to download the correct cheat sheets for the platform you are using. I have also put together a set of cheat sheets that show you how to customize your toolbar and what all the tools do. There are some great tools there so have a good look at all of them in case they will be useful to you. But Scrivener is a huge application that is also for technical writers, screenwriters, and academics who use different tools than you do. Not only are there too many tools to fit on the toolbar, but you don’t want to clutter up your toolbar with the ones you seldom or never use. If you are on a Mac, you just drag the ones you want up into your toolbar and click on done. In the Windows version of Scrivener, you transfer them to your toolbar via the ‘Available Toolbar Actions’ box. Sorry, my filming software is on my Mac so I can’t show you this in action. But don’t worry I have added instructions on the cheat sheet. Simply choose the tools you like best for the way you like to work. If you find you move files up and down in the binder a lot choose the move file buttons. My personal favorites are the ‘copy format’ and ‘paste format’ tools because I am constantly moving text from one document to another and I use different fonts or different colors to remind me what draft a document is in. My favorite tool to add to my toolbar when I am working with windows the ‘Options tool’ which takes me directly to the ‘options dialogue box’ where you can adjust such things as the appearance of the interface, text formatting, navigation etc. and choose where to backup your projects. So there you go. If you don’t want to be like the post-it lady, keep your cheat sheets close at hand. Print them out and pin them up behind your computer monitor, or better yet, leave them in PDF format on your desktop where you can open them and do a quick search for the thing you want by holding down Command (Ctrl on a PC) and hitting the F key which will highlight what you are looking for. From your pdf, you can also link directly to the official Scrivener user’s manual for the really technical stuff or you can link to my website  for Scrivener tips and tutorials. Oh yes ... If you are on my website, don’t forget to fill in your name and email and then click on the button to access your Scrivener Cheat Sheets Don’t worry, I would never share your email and you won’t hear from me unless I find, or make, cool new resources to help you with your Scrivener. Karen Price As found on Youtube Free Scrivener Cheat Sheets [bws_related_posts]