Sentence diagramming.

Today I discovered something that, despite my advanced years, I have not heard of before – and I’m a writer… I should know these things. I am talking about sentence diagramming, which is a term used to describe a system of analysing sentences into its components; such as subject, verb, adjective, adverb, predicate, participle and …

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World Menopause Day.

Did you notice a lot of tension around you between the 17th  and 19th of October 2008? Well, it could be due to the 18th of October 2008 being designated as World Menopause Day, backed by the World Health Organisation. Now, being a man, I don’t know much about the menopause – and even our …

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Punctuation question

Warning: This post contains words of a textual nature. 😉 Whilst listening to a ‘best of Boy George album’, it occurred to me that the lyrics of one particular song are not a good example of a certain punctuation mark, and I am surprised it has not been referred to more widely; or, indeed, condemned …

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