geralt / Pixabay

What are our submission rules? (WIP–liable to change as required by admin.)

  1. Attribution is MANDATORY! Do not steal other site’s pictures!
  2. Do not violate anyone’s copyrights! Any post with violations will be removed. Let us know if your photo was mistakenly posted.
  3. Content must include a link to original source.
  4. For non-English blog posts, add the language of your blog post at the end of the description, e.g. (in Polish).
  5. Registration is required to submit posts.
  6. Submit beautifully composed, properly exposed images.
  7. Photos might be resized and cropped.
  8. We reserve the right to remove posts at any time.
  9. Submissions are moderated.

How long does it take for submissions to appear on the site?

Moderation can vary depending on workload, but we typically review your submissions at the first opportunity.

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