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Fantastic 5-star Reviews for Four of My Kindle Stories

Fantastic Reviews by verified customer 'Bluesman'

I just had to share the following 5-star reviews of my short stories on Amazon Kindle British site by an avid fan who goes by the name of ‘Bluesman’. I’m guessing there’s a musical connection there–and the eloquent erudition signals a wide knowledge of English, writers, and books, amongst other talents.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be the recipient of such high praise, and I hope Bluesman’s reviews will encourage more people to read my stories and judge their quality and entertainment value for themselves. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime or signed up for Kindle Unlimited, I believe you can download and read them for free. (Please accept my sincere apologies if this turns out to be untrue.)

An honest review would be an acceptable and welcome payment in kind–and the more the merrier.

[I’m actually on my knees now with a begging bowl clutched in my outstretched hands and, if you move a little closer to the screen, you might detect a pleading glint in my eye. 😉 ] Reviews follow:

Four 5* Reviews by ‘Bluesman’ of my Amazon Kindle Stories

It Takes Two to Tandem

Bluesman wrote a review
2017-07-28 Verified Purchase

John believes in giving us a good story well-told
John has a natural, unpretentious, raconteur approach to his writing. The words flow freely and smoothly, engaging the reader with ease. Many writers try too hard, wanting to impress and distinguish themselves with novel similes, metaphors, and other fancy modes of expression. Whether the content is fact or fiction, John believes in giving us a good story well-told.
He has written a number of tales specifically for children, many of which are available here on Amazon. Most definitely worth investigating. As John Hurt used to say: ” When people told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, or told the future with stories, the best place by the fire was kept for…….the Storyteller! ” We must keep a place for John Hamshare.

Courtney and The Fairies

Bluesman wrote a review
2017-07-31 Verified Purchase

Tales of magic and fairies are great for a bit of escapism, but not all children enjoy them as they can be somewhat irrelevant. John Hamshare brings an extra dimension to the genre by setting his story entirely within a family home, where a young listener can easily recognise the events that take place. The charming, playful humour keeps the story going at a good pace, which will appeal to any parent seeking a good bedtime read for their child/children.

Flights of Fancy

Bluesman wrote a review
2017-07-31 Verified Purchase

One of the things I liked about the BBC series “Merlin” was the combining of magic and myth with everyday, soap opera dialogue. That’s what John gives us here, and it works beautifully. According to John, the life of an angel doesn’t simply involve floating around on a cloud, playing a harp.The truth is that angels have to cope with just as many mundane, everyday problems as we do.
This original tale, with its liberal scattering of groan-worthy, family-style humour, is a pleasure to read and is just perfect for any parent who needs something a bit different as a bedtime story for a discerning child.

The Cave

Bluesman wrote a review
2017-07-31 Verified Purchase

The excellent quality of the writing and the idea sits this piece very comfortably alongside literary sci-fi/mystery/horror authors of the stature of Ray Bradbury and Robert Sheckley. Like them, John adopts a cool, matter-of-fact style and approach, allowing the story to tell itself, and thus avoid the pitfall of sounding derivative.
With any tale about alien invasion, unnatural disaster, or trees and vegetation coming to life, the “victims” generally have the last-ditch options of at least running and hiding. By setting the scene underground, John greatly intensifies the suspense and horror with the additional feelings of claustrophobia and helplessness.
It is a joy to read work that is not bound by rules or formula.


Author’s Footnote: My toenails need cutting. 😉

Additional Note: The four individual Amazon Kindle publications reviewed above are included with six others in a paperback Anthology titled A Tapestry of Tales.  Click Here to View On Amazon UK

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[Would Make an Ideal Gift For Someone During The Approaching Season of Goodwill–Batteries Not Included Because Paperbacks Don’t Need Them.] 😉

Happy Reading.


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