Amazon Bestseller Ranking For My Anthology ‘A Tapestry of Tales’

Dear Reader,
I had an email from Amazon today, suggesting I might be interested in my own published paperback 'A Tapestry of Tales'.

I'm hoping that a similar message was sent to a large number of other readers.

Curiosity and excitement encouraged me to check the Amazon ranking for said Anthology of my short stories, and -- though it's not (yet) amongst the Top 100 -- its ranking within the chosen categories (shown below) proved to be a pleasant surprise.

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #8106 in Books > Children's Books > Fiction > Fairy & Folk Tales

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy. May I be cheeky and ask you to post an honest review on Amazon. Please don't be afraid to express any criticisms -- my aim is to become a better writer and spread enjoyment via my writing.

Thank you in advance, Dear Reader(s),

Polite Comments Invited.