Pro Writing Aid–A Fantastic Tool For All Writers

Pro Writing Aid , and have no hesitation in recommending to all writers–even professionals. Come on, we all miss those little things that we pay our editors and proofreaders to find, so why not check out the free trial version? If you decide to purchase the full version, you could end up saving the cost … Read more

Scrivener: Who Wants FREE Cheat Sheets?

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Fantastic 5-star Reviews for Four of My Kindle Stories

Blue Feather Quill

I just had to share the following 5-star reviews of my short stories on Amazon Kindle British site by an avid fan who goes by the name of ‘Bluesman’. I’m guessing there’s a musical connection there–and the eloquent erudition signals a wide knowledge of English, writers, and books, amongst other talents. I’m absolutely thrilled to … Read more

Amazon Bestseller Ranking For My Anthology ‘A Tapestry of Tales’

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Five Star Review for my paperback Anthology — A Tapestry of Tales

A Tapestry of Tales

5-Star Review For A Tapestry of Tales A Tapestry of Tales Wow! A great 5-star review for my paperback anthology. Click To Tweet Powered by Tweetshare Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has already purchased my book and those who have placed orders. Please post an honest review on Amazon, on Facebook, or comment below if … Read more

How Famous Writers Overcome Writer’s Block and Reawaken Their Creativity

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Conspiracy theorists claim Nibiru will destroy Earth

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What Writers Listen To As They Write, And Readers As They Read

Several years ago, I read that John Steinbeck listened to classical music while writing “The Grapes of Wrath.” What a juxtaposition of storylines!

That little fact changed the way I do my job. I started to think about what other writers listen to as they write. I wondered what music pops into readers’ heads as they consume a good book.

As host of CapRadio Reads, I provide playlists that link music to our book selections. We play the music at our events, to the enjoyment of authors and our live audience. I’ve included everything from Simon and Garfunkel to punk to opera to French nursery rhymes.

Most of the time, I enjoy developing playlists connected with books. But this month, I’ve found the process quite humbling.

The book is “Chasing Portraits.” Author Elizabeth Rynecki will discuss how she has tracked down some of the paintings her great-grandfather painted and hid around Warsaw in World War II.

How could I do that? How do I compile a playlist that is interesting while showing ultimate respect for the people who lost their lives in the Holocaust?

The answers came slowly and with a lot of research. The music is a moving reflection of the time.

Italian musician Francesco Lotoro shares recordings of music he discovered. Some of it is happier than I imagined. The goal of singers in the camps was to raise the spirits of other prisoners. The web story includes recordings of the following:

  • “Reichsbahnlied” by Ljowa Berniker
  • “Fahijad” by Shaul Flajszhakier
  • “Lagerue” by Frida Misul (tune of Beer Barrel Polka)
  • “Ich Liebe Dich” (I Love You) by Willy Rosen
  • “Noche del Plegaria” (A Night of Prayer) by Jozef Kropinski
  • “Floep the Stamper” by Johnny & Jones (aka Nol van Wesel and Max Kannewasser)

Pianist Francesco Lotoro, who figured prominently in Poggioli’s story, has recorded his own compositions, including his “Terezin Suite.”

The soundtrack of Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List features an unforgettable musical theme:

Other traditional music reflects the history of Poland:

Note: You can join Donna Apidone In Conversation with author Elizabeth Rynecki on Tuesday, Nov. 14. Reservations at

What Writers Listen To As They Write, And Readers As They Read

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