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Website problems

Dear Reader

I apologise if you have been trying to access my website and found it difficult or impossible to do so. It would seem that in my efforts to add some social media buttons to my pages and posts that errors have been caused, either by my own technical ignorance or a malevolent hacker. I communicated with the host support section yesterday and they were very helpful and presented a solution for me to gain access to my own site, which worked for a while. But when I logged off and went to sign in again, I found my way barred by a message telling me that access was denied and my website had been blacklisted — this matter had been discussed with the support member who assured me that my site had not been blacklisted. I have only just got access again by a roundabout method. Hopefully the situation will be resolved in the near future.

Mosh Pit book release contest

Visit Michael Hiebert’s website at http://www.michaelhiebert.com/mosh-pit-contest/ to enter contest detailed below.

In honor of the upcoming release of Mosh Pit, the first book of The Rose Garden Arena Incident (a serial thriller in seven parts), I am holding the first contest ever on my site. And the prizes aren’t even lame. In fact, I don’t know exact price points, but we’re pretty darn close to giving away almost $600 worth of stuff by my count.
Here’s how it works. You just put your name and your email address in the entry box on the sidebar. That’s it. Easy peasy. Mosh Pit comes out September 19, so that’s when we’ll be pulling the winners. And there will be a respectable number of winners, too.
First Prize: The entire set of The Rose Garden Arena Incident audiobooks. Of course, the story isn’t finished yet, so whoever wins will be getting a prize every month until March, 2017. And there’s more. Along with this, first prize will also be receiving the trade paperback edition of my next book. Crazy thing there is, I don’t even know what that book will be. It will come out in the summer, I can tell you that. It’s down to two. One needs to be rewritten, the other needs another 30,000 words or so and then a good edit and polish. Only one of them has a name, but I’m not giving that away. Talk about jinxing yourself.
There will be five second place winners. And, believe it or not, they will also win the entire set of The Rose Garden Arena Incident audiobooks. And man, let me tell you people, they sound really nice. Eric is doing a bang up job on ’em.
Five third place winners will take home the entire set of The Rose Garden Arena Incident ebooks. And I know you’ve already figured this out, but I’ll say it again anyway. Those winners will also receive their prizes monthly until the series is completed.
Finally there will be five fourth place winners all receiving a copy of the ebook version of Mosh Pit. And, just to beat a dead horse, let me say, they won’t have to wait as that book comes out the day the contest ends.
So that’s a lot of winners. I guess I’m anticipating a lot of contestants. Oh, one more thing. Every single person who enters the contest automatically becomes one of my Super Sonic, All Kinds of Awesome VIPs. And that gives you a whole bunch of really cool free stuff. Wow. So when you think about it that way, it’s like every single person who enters is a winner.

The Humongous Mosh Pit Contest In honor of the upcom­ing release of Mosh Pit, the first book of The Rose Gar­den Arena Inci­dent (a serial thriller in seven parts), I am hold­ing the first con­test ever on my site. And the prizes aren’t even lame. In fact, I don’t know…

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